The return of the Hostage Comp, this time we gathered up 60 tracks from 60 new and unheard bands and picked the 16 best. The best damn songs from bands you likely have never heard of. A spectaular comp with some of the best songs Hostage ever released. The PILLZ song is worth the pricwe of the whole dam record. A mandatory addition to your record collection !!! Green Marble Wax and info booklet with band photos and stories.

Collateral Damage Hostage Records Compilation (green wax)

  • Tracks-

    A1.THE BAD VIBRATIONS (No Beach Access)* A2.FIRECRACKER 500 (Saturated)* A3.ZERO LIMITS (No Plans)*. A4.THE COPOUTS (Merculato)* A5.THE SCHEMERS (Bulemic Girls)* A6.Blood Soaked Hands (Lights Out)*. A7.DAMAGED GOODS (Wish)* A8.THE HAVE NOT$ (Toy Doll)*  B1.CODE 415 (City Lights)* B2.PHARMACIST'S SON (Uncontrollable Situation)* B3.KBH (Mafia(* B4.XSITE (Drained Away)* B5.THE PILLZ (Anti Social)*. B6.THE SENSITIVE SIDE (2:00AM). B7.THE WARGASMS (World War Forever)* B8.ADHD (You Don't Know My Body).   *=exclusive song not appears only here


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