Huntington Beach's original fab-5, the Crowd collect up their 7 inch tracks, comp songs, rare songs and unreleased music for this amazing collection of post 1994 day-glo mayhem. The rare covers are here, the re-recorded version of Living in Madrid, plus the never before heard "white man reggae" sound Last Honest Man. Riot on!

THE CROWD "Surf Ghetto Riot" LP Orange Wax

  • Tracks:A1-Canpipe. A2-It's A Scene. A3-Solitary Confinement. A4-Go To The Dentist. A5-Skad. A6.Living In Madrid (1995 Version). A7-For Your Love. B1-Here Comes The Fall. B2-Headless. B3-Good Dr. Jack (unreleased version) B4-No Other. B5-I've Got Sunspots. B6-Last Honest Man. 


PO BOX 5401 

Huntington Beach, CA




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