The true sound of the OC underground
since 1996


A1.Melanie Stiffness (Intro)*. A2.THE DRIPS (Coastline)*. A3.THE FAKES (Bliss)* A4-SMOGTOWN (That Beat Part)*. A5.BROKEN BOTTLES (Teenage Dinosaur)* A6.THE PEGS (Bad Advice)*. A7.THE MAIN (Annihilator)*

A8-THE DECLINE (Shudder)* A9.CIRIL (Bury the Bones).  B1.SMUT PEDDLERS (Chino). B2.THE CROWD (Good Dr. Jack). B3.-D-CUP (In The Gutter)* B4.THE REVLONS (Be A Good Boy)* B5.DISCONTENT (Because You're My Friend)* B6.THE NEGATIVES (Booze Control)* B7.THEE INDIGENTS (No 2 Ways To Go)

B8-CELL BLOCK 5 (Tough Break).  *=track exclusive to comp, not found elsewhere.

TOWER 13 compilation LP

  • The Hostage Records super comp, look at the damn track list...all of the great OC/Hostage bands doing brand new unreleased tracks. Even today years after it's release, macy tracks are still found only here !!!  The Crowd, Smut Peddlers, Smogtown, the Fakes and all the rest. Includes a booklet with photos and stories behind the songs and bands. A mandatory classic, own it or be a poser.

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