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Will Rise Again...the return of the Hostage 45.

Recently Paul Hostage and I sat down for interview segment as part of the new OC Punk documentary being produced by Stan Mueller of Punk Rock Chronicles fame. The questions and answers were a trip down the Hostage memory lane, as we recalled the trials and tribulations of running a 2 man show record label. One of the questions asked really made me stop and think, "Why in the middle of the CD revolution did you start a label that made vinyl 45's?"....good question. I thought and pondered, yes why in the hell did we do that?

My answer was simple, "The 7 inch is the utlimate punk vehicle, you don't see rap bands, metal band or country bands releasing them, they are DIY, they are what you can afford, they are the ultimate take your best shot in the studio and leave your mark". The reality still rings true, if you look back on the best so-cal punk bands, those bands all made their marks, shot their best shots on 7 inches of vinyl. Black Flag, MIddle Class, Agent Orange, Social Distortion, the Salvation Army and the Stitches all shocked the world and paved their wave for success with a killer debut 7 inch.

Fast forward to today, Hostage Recocrds is proud to deliver two brand new killer 45's cut from that same spirit; hit the studio, lay it down in 3 minutes or less and take your best shot on 7 inches of wax. The results are divergently spectacular, the Plagues are the most punk ass thing we've ever done bar none. Their debut will drop your jaw, it's all the punk punk bonfire bands and sounds rolled into one massive KBD destroyer. The Plagues have a mega talent for seamlesssly combining hardcore with a surf and destroy sound, their single is exactly that.

Swinging the needle 180 degrees the other way are the Berzerkers, our hometown fave who have charted on the RAIA national independent radio charts twice. Paul and I have always secretly wanted to have a straight up rock band on the label, while the Berzerkers are far from that, they still put alot of ROCK in their punk sound. For Love, the band's brand new 45 could find a home on KLOS, it's that good. Hell they have added a SAXOPHONE to their b-side track. The Berzkerers are not afraid to evole their sound, they are stuck and loyal to nothing but the abliity to rock.

The Hostage 45 rise again, looking forward with a huge nod to the past. Cheers Hostage.

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