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Orange County's premier post-punk oufit, Cat Party collects up their greatest 7 inch tracks, 2 brand new recordings and 2 lost recordings for this epic eulogy on 12 inches of wax. Everyrhing great about post punk rolled into one greatr sound, intoxicating and infectious. A sifter of alcolol, paired with a nice stereo and this record will bring your endless hours of pleasure. Turn on!

Cat Party "rest in post"

  • Tracks:A1-Nostalgia (new track). A2-Acrylic Lines (new track). A3-A Thousand Shades Of Grey. A4-Loves Benign. A5-Reflection or Illusion. B1-Headache Over Heartache. B2-Unconscious Living. B3-Estrogen Milk and Honey. B4-Patchouli Death. B5-Jigsaw Thoughts (unreleased version) B6-Rhapsody in Black (unreleased acoustic version).

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