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The Godfathers of the original OC punk scene return with their 1st LP in over 30 years !!!. If you have not heard this Love Canal, then you have not heard Love Canal. With John Bosco (D.I) now on vocals, Love Canal is a flat out kick to the nuts, this record absoutely destroys all comers. Named Punk Rock Record of the year by Punk Rock Vinyl Club in 2017, hear what you are missing. Trust us here, your life is incomplete with out this. 3 colors of vinyl, pick one and light up your turntable.

Love Canal"If it ain't broke" LP

  • Tracks:A1-We Got Yer Number. A2-No Friends. A3-Sniper. A4-Time Out. A5-Black Clouds. A6-Leave Me Alone. B1-Civilization. B2-Monster B3-99%. B4-Afterever. B5-No One To Blame (vinyl exclusive) B6-Small Man.

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